Opinions of My Clients

Read from first hand, how coaching helped my clients change their lives by opening up to new perspectives.

Throughout our sessions, I realized aspects of myself which I had but I didn’t know that I lost. I managed to put order into my chaotic thoughts and hence, added new pursuits to my life. I acquired new perspectives and abilities that I needed to have but could not get. I could achieve all this through the coaching program we had. I can't thank you enough for helping me on this journey that I want to embark on and igniting the light in my hand as I continue on that path. Take care of yourself and stay well.
Zeren Mert
As I started this journey, I was focused on improving my “self-love”. Now, I have increased my awareness on many aspects regarding myself, most importantly I dared to discover myself. I have managed to find solutions to many of my problems through my coaches’ questions. After every session I realized the change in me. In this self-discovery journey, there was a completely different Bensu on the last day than the Bensu on the first day. I had a lifelong learning “Negative things are not to eliminate but to be transformed” which I will remind myself now and, in the future.
Bensu Çoban
Selma has a tremendous talent for getting me out of my head and into possibility. With Selma I was able to approach the challenges I had in a new way. I felt like I had choice and was able to throw out some old thinking patterns I didn’t know were still there. Selma is a deeply intuitive and unfailing calm and connected which made our sessions meaningful and forward moving!
Mary Blair Aasen
I can't thank my coach Selma Karaca enough for helping with her high energy and smiling face on my journey to self-discovery. An unrivaled idol for the most calm and peaceful hour of my week. I am so glad that I met her and get coaching services from her. I wish her a peaceful life like herself.
Nurcan Kerim
I would like to thank Miss Selma for her patience, her care, her attention and her smiling face. At the end of each session, I learned to hold a mirror to myself with a peace that I never really dreamed of, to clarify and evaluate the issues that I considered problems and troubles, and to be a light for myself to leave them behind. I consider myself very lucky as she helped me leave behind concerns about the future, touched my life with her professional assessment and guidance. I am grateful that you come into my life! I realize that each time my awareness has increased and it came back to me as serenity.
Neslihan Yılmaz
You motivated me to achieve what I wanted to do by enabling me to discover my abilities I was unaware of. I have created many ideas with your support that helped me to be determined and not to give up. You have made me realize, that I can achieve what I want by applying small steps. I am grateful for your sincerity and contributions to me. I am very happy to have met you.
Rana Aslan
To get to know yourself and make your life choices accordingly, is a hard and a long journey. My experience with Selma, has been an important part of my self-discovery journey. My biggest achievement was to realize that, career and academic targets ware not my biggest aim in life. Instead, I discovered happiness and being peaceful are more important to me. Our sessions also supported me to inquire how to become happy and peaceful. Through Selma’s assistance i took an important step, which impacted my life deeply.
Tuğba Toplama
When I was drowning in my own thoughts and troubling myself as they become bigger than they were, Ms. Selma made me face all these thoughts. Afterwards that helped me to get to know myself and move forward. Thereby, I found new ways and solutions to my problems. With her sincere personality and beautiful energy, she made me feel comfortable and safe during the sessions, which helped me find my lost self-confidence again. Thank you very much again for this precious experience. I am glad our paths have crossed.
Aylin Kurtar
Selma is a very caring and sensitive coach. I’ve benefited a lot through her sincere heart of wanting the best version of me and always thinking for my best interest. She was able to help me understand what was overwhelming for me in the midst of this COVID-19 lockdown. Selma introduced some assessment tools which helped me better understood where I stood and how to get myself re-charged and be energized to move forward. It is really a blessing to know Selma.
Bee Thou Khoo
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