As soon as I completed my undergraduate degree in Istanbul, I have been to Germany for my master’s degree. That‘s where I have started my career as a Network Design Engineer. 20 years of corporate life has been very rich and vibrant for me. I have had experience over many different roles and divisions such as; technical, marketing and strategy. I had a chance to meet and work with people from all over the world. I lived in abroad and taken responsibilities covering various regions. Western, Eastern Europe, Middle east and Africa were among them. All of them, have contributed immensely to my personal development. In summary, I embarked my career on Telco Industry as an engineer, followed up by software consultant role at a Global ISV (Independent Software Vendor), technology marketeer, business developer and people manager. All in all, it has been a constantly evolving, transforming and very successful journey for me. Worldwide and regional awards were also part of my Microsoft souvenirs.

Now, I have expanded all this multidisciplinary and multinational experience with coaching perspective.

If you are

  • Success oriented and want to redefine success for yourself, hence extend your horizon
  • Want to connect with your true self and find out what is the best job designed for you
  • Wonder how you can transform your existing job into more fulfilling, enjoying one

I am willing to accompany you by asking powerful questions, to help you gain new perspectives.

When you change your perspective, things you look at change

Wayne Dyer

What kind of working environment do you aspire? What are the possibilities? What are the things that you didn’t even dare to dream of? Are you doing the job that’s fit for you?  How can you be happier at your current job? What are your super powers? How can you integrate them into your life more?

Do you want to renew your life?

We can build a special road map for you, that empowers you to realize what you desire. There is always mentoring and coaching available at our hand.

If you have aspirations about your work, you are invited to explore the possibilities with me. Let’s discover together!

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