How we deal with our problems determines whether we progress or regress

In life there is always events happening that we tend to call “problems”. According to Oxford dictionary it means “a situation, person, or thing that needs attention and needs to be dealt with or solved.”. There are many problems we are facing right now globally as well as individually. So, what do we do, when we face a problem? We can ignore it, we can acknowledge it and live with it or we can acknowledge it and do our best to solve it.

Spiral dynamics is a model developed by Psychology Prof Clare Graves in 1960s explaining the evolutionary development of adults, organizations, and societies based on their active values and mind capacities. When we look back 100.000 years, in the process of finding a solution human being have developed higher values and progressed so far in the history. Sometimes when one can not deal with a situation, this can also cause a regression; a setback in the development path. Both are natural, part of life.

When we look at our problems through this perspective, then one may start to understand the function of the problems and appreciate it as a means for progress. Or the other way around. The latter looks like you are driving on the road suddenly there is a road block and there you are with a long queue of cars waiting for the road to be opened not doing anything but waiting… Or, you may get out of your car and try to understand the roadblock issue and see if you can create any solutions for that; driving around the roadblock, changing your direction, jumping over it and see if there is another option available etc.

We are always with options, it is up to us, individuals, the companies or organizations to try to find new solutions and bring a new perspective or just close your eyes and dive your head in to the sand.

There is a chip crisis in the world. Ok. How are the large organizations are handling this situation? Are they trying to find new ways to utilize, recycle existing chips instead waiting for new chips to be produced? Is there an intention to search for new technologies, new ways to change the way entire car industry operates and the cars? Instead of metal cars, which requires a lot of raw material are there any other ways to jump to a new level of consciousness how does the giant industry acts? Or are we hiding behind the roadblock and just producing excuses and waiting… This is at least what I have been told by the car company…

What is it gonna be? Will we leverage this issue to progress or regress as human beings? Just like Shakespeare asked “to be or not to be” that is the real question.

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