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My intention is to work with you to support your organisation and the individuals in it, to reach their best potential offering my knowledge, skills and experience, to the best of my ability.

In order to create the organization you want to be, we can work together in 5 areas, in which we will design the contents specifically for you in line with your needs:

1. Individual Coaching:

Change, transformation and development at the individual level

2. Team Coaching:

Change, transformation and development at the group, team level

3. Systemic value-based holistic view and change management:

Change, transformation and development at the holistic whole Organizational plane

4. Leadership:

Self-knowledge in leadership, team leadership and development

5. Positive Psychology and the Body:

Practical, all applied solutions with the body to make behavioral, emotional and thought changes permanent

In this process, we first listen to your needs, wishes, desires, goals and dreams and clarify what you want to achieve. We look at the current situation and together determine what we want to achieve and what we can do together in which time frame to achieve this transformation. Then we move into practice. We regularly monitor change and support you in establishing the mechanisms your organization needs to ensure desired change’s continuity.

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