Working with a coach has changed my life. Opened up new perspectives and possibilities for me. The impact of the transformation, it has created is still effective in my life.  

One of the best benefits was having a clarity and feeling relaxation in my busy mind. Now I have a clear vision for my life and that helps me with setting appropriate targets for myself. When the mind is relaxed, the brain changes to a higher capacity mode. Then one can create the space and time to have dreams and focus to make them come true. This also means, you can utilize more of your own resources.

We have a profound wisdom hidden in all of us. You may have forgotten about it due to daily rush. It has answers to all your questions. Together, we can raise the sound of your wisdom. We can do that through ordinary methods and add more color and fun to it. To give you an idea, you can explore that through expressive arts, photos or games.

Together we can raise the sound of your inner wisdom

Selma Karaca

What do you expect from life?

What about from yourself?

Have you ever dreamt about what is possible, or dreamt at all? Whatever you are excited to discover, I will be excited too. I am choosing to accompany you on this journey with child curiosity and love.

What can we do together:

Individual Coaching:

Would you like to get to know yourself, discover your resources, what is important for you and your life purpose?

Career Coaching:

What is your dream job? Have you ever thought about it? You want to find out, what kind of super powers do you already have? What kind of work life you could create by utilizing them?

We can build a special roadmap together by harnessing the power of both mentoring and coaching for you.

Corporate Coaching:

What kind of work environment do you anticipate? How could that become more effective, prosperous and enjoying? What about becoming a company, where people are happy to work?

In my entire life I worked for companies at the leading edge of technology. Innovation is in my DNA. We can develop special programs using new techniques to bring growth, harmony and union to your company.

The path you are embarking with me will be shining with the power of inner wisdom, understanding and creativity. Most importantly, it will be especially designed for you.

If you want to explore what we can accomplish together, reach out to me by email.

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