What makes you feel better?

photo of woman smelling flower

What makes you happy?

What lights you up?

Why is this important?

You may say if I knew, I could do something about it. Or you could say easier asked than to answer them. Maybe you didn’t spent time on them before…

Let me help here. We are here to have fulfilled lives that we enjoy, grow and prosper. Along the way, we may have lost our way to it collectively. There are many reasons that are known. I wont dwell on them here.

Instead, I would like to bring your attention to NOW.

How are you doing NOW? Right at this very MOMENT?

Let’s start from there. We are not looking for a drastic or majestic things to “save the world”!

Everything starts with little steps.

So now, at this moment what will bring you happiness and joy? Or make you feel better?

A cup of tea? Coffee? A little kiss from your loved ones? A hug? Or just to take a deep breath and say everything is ok….

You choose what will make you feel better.

I loved the analogy *Martha Beck uses on this topic. When we were kids there was a game called hot or cold (sıcak&soğuk). If the person who is seeking the object you hide, would come closer to the object, you would say hot and if she/he gets away from it you would say cold.

And if you can make your intention throughout today to choose to do, say, be the things just makes you feel better; happy, joyful, peaceful, relaxed… you choose your sense of feeling better.

All day long can you play this game when something makes you feel better you say to your self hot and choose that option, whatever that may be, you will have a chance to change the course of things.

If you want to just make a change apply this today and see what happens 😊

*You can listen to Maria Shiver’s podcast with Martha Beck’s on Spotify.  

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